Artwork Requirements for Laser Engraving

Please email artwork to: or

To laser engrave your order, we ask you to email us the best quality black and white images files you have available. We prefer vector black and white artwork but we can use some raster files. All the file types we can use are:


CorelDraw (.cdr), editable pdf (.pdf), eps, a

Vector black and white line art (No Gray Scale) Include all art in one file if possible.

We can also work with raster files and those file types are:


editable pdf (.pdf), Photoshop (.psd), Jpeg (.jpg)

Bitmap (.bmp)

Tagged Image Format (.tiff)

We offer the option to convert your raster images to vector artwork, when we are provided with artwork that is not clear enough to laser. We charge $20 for every 1/2 hour to redraw your artwork.

What is the difference between Vector and Raster?

Vector artwork is two dimensional artwork that is made up of mathematical lines and curves. Vector files are resolution independent and can be enlarged infinitely without losing image quality.

Typical File Types: .eps .pdf .cdr .ai

Important Note: The vector file types detailed above can contain raster art.

If you are unsure about your files have one of our art coordinators verify your artwork.

Raster artwork is any artwork that is composed digitally of horizontal and vertical rows of pixels to make up an image. Raster files are resolution dependent and cannot be enlarged without losing image quality.

Typical File Types: .psd .tif .jpg .gif .bmp

Important Note: The file types detailed above are always raster images and are often unusable in our production process.

Artwork Format Questions?

We're here to make your life as easy as possible; call us at 808-969-7077, or use our contact form, with any questions about artwork or logo formats, or how best to supply your files.